When it Comes to All Things Catering … Experience Counts!

Catering is in our DNA, and we are passionate about delivering delicious food and successful events! With over 30 years in the Food Service and Catering Business, whether it is a formal or business event, casual or just hors d’oeuvres, themed parties or special occasions, we can handle your catering needs.

Catering for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

Events take all shapes and sizes … as do the Catering Services they require. If you have and early business meeting and need continental breakfast, breakfast buffet or a full plated meal … can do! If you are having a social event that needs tasty and convenient hors d’oeuvres type appetizers … can do! Maybe you have a more formal occasion that needs a full plated meal … no problem, can do that too!

Need Creative Catering Ideas?

We are full of them and happy to share! Over the years we have done thousands of events, themed parties and business meetings.  We enjoy listing to your ideas and offering solutions to enhance or implement your vision. Give All Things Catering a call today at (407) 579-4592, or use our convenient Get a Quote link to email us for ideas.